February 2016 Doors; He is the Writer

February 29, 2016: Doors

I have been “Hosting the Archangels” since 6:22 AM on February 24, 2016.  (There is a page on the website dedicated to this lovely ritual.)  It has been a memorable and love filled experience.  No amount of preparation nor prior experience communicating with them could have prepared me for what would unfold during these five days, and certainly not for what would happen today as I prepared for them to ‘leave’.  They asked me to write about the experience even though it was so personal, explaining that their message to me, as I opened the door this morning “would resonate with others on many levels”.

Today, February 29, 2016, at 6:22 AM was the scheduled “departure” of the Archangels.  I planned to walk through the ceremonial steps of the departure even though they would continue to be a guiding force in the Reiki Practice.  Sitting in meditation with them prior to departure time, they reminded me of three things – to “write from the heart”; as we had done for five days “make the most of each moment”; and “trust”.  As we walked to the front door (it is to be physically opened for them to ‘leave’), a wave of emotion came over me.  As I opened the door crying, their message was “someone may walk out a door (and leave), but they don’t leave (you) in their heart”.  During what could have only been seconds, I was a child again and my Father had just left the family.  I knew what was happening, and a part of me left through that door with him…  My thoughts were then brought back to last night’s dream with him, and a second later, I was standing at my front door again feeling as if a great (resolution) had just occurred.  There really are no words to describe the feeling at that moment; so many things simply seemed to fall into place.

We sat in meditation again, and it was at that time they asked me to write about this experience.  They continued to explain “despite how someone ‘leaves’ – in death, in anger/separation, emotionally, or through their behavior, it doesn’t mean they’ve left in their heart.  We assure you they have not.  See through the (actions) to the core, to the source of the love that is there.  See it and you will know how to respond from a place of love.” A few moments later they said, “A great light, the great love, is in (everyone’s) heart.

I hope that in some small way this is helpful to you.

February 14, 2016:  He is the Writer

20160214_Amethyst Circle 021416Sharing the Message to Clients in celebration of Valentine’s Day:

While this is not a typical Session for Clients Valentine’s Day message, it seems that it is one that will strike a uniquely personal chord (or chords) in your hearts.

I went to sleep last night knowing there would be a session for clients today and woke this morning knowing it would not be the ‘expected’ Valentine’s Day session message.  The message was quickly delivered via a verse in a poem by 13th Century Mystic Poet Rumi “… He is the Writer; I am the pen in His fingers…”.  I was assured this was about the Heart… and healing, as the color green was so prominent in the guidance!

Amethyst and a green quartz were to be used during the session starting in the shape of a heart; however, during the session the shape was to change to a circle, as shown in the photo.  I had an immediate resonance with the circle and you may have your own.

Before the session concluded, there was a rush of love coming in from your loved ones.  It is such a joy to experience and relay the depth of their love for you.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

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