November 2016 Love Filled Intentions; Let Your Light Dance

November 8, 2016

The group distance session that was announced on November 1st was conducted last evening! It included many beautiful and love-filled intentions submitted by clients, students and friends.

There was one message from the Angels…BALANCE… not always easy to find from our perspective…or to maintain, but in the photos below, nature shows us it is possible despite what our eyes see!

I’d like to share with you a number of the intentions offered.

“My intention is that it will be another window of opportunity to ‘Let in the Divine Light’ that will move us forward through our every thought, word and deed, for the Highest Good of our country and our Mother Earth.” J.P.

“For the continuing evolvement to be as joy-filled, ease-filled, and love-filled…for PEACE to prevail to all no matter the situation.” C.A.

“My intention is that we as the world now live in the reality that Love is all there is. To set the intention that we acutely know we are never alone and incredibly loved… so that no one will feel alone or lonely anymore.” D.R.

“My intention for the session is to ask for people to feel grateful for the blessings that they have received or have witnessed.” K.G.

“…continuing clarity, increasing love and freely helping all…” S.T.

“My intentions are for peace in our nation – political parties working together – our country to get back on its feet (financially and citizens coming together) – for great things to come for our country and its people!” K.M.

“…to reach people and help them find peace, health and guidance on their spiritual journey.  And I would like our nation to find peace…” D.F.

“My intention is for guidance and love…” J.Q.

“My intentions for our country and the world is for all of us to actively connect to the awareness and practice that we are all one; that we experience abundant prosperity for all.” D.R.

“I look forward to joining in (to the distance session) and sending positive intentions forward for our nation and its citizens; that we can come together for peace and love for a positive change.” S.S.

“For the craziness to stop in the world, no more war, violence or killing.” G.C.

“That the world continues to evolve in wisdom.” M.V.M.

“That everyone will feel as loved and cared for as I do, every minute of every day.” P.P.

Numerous personal intentions were also submitted for the session.

As we did last night, and will do every day… sending you much love!

balance-rock  balance-slanted-rock

Let Your Light Dance Today!




Prosperity… it comes in many forms…
What does it mean to you?


butterfly-4  Give Love… Gather Love!


The point of power is in the present moment; right here and right now.”
Louise L. Hay

We choose our thoughts… how will you design your day?

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