January 2021 Gabriel’s Message II

This story originates in 2017.  There were many troubling events and exchanges between governments.  One evening I was particularly concerned for the safety of humanity.  Gabriel offered to pray with me and that helped calm my fears.

The next morning he would give me a message to share, but I need to explain what else was happening during this time frame.

My cousin, who is a wonderful photographer (her information is in the comments for this video) happened to be on a photography vacation in Canada’s National Parks and had returned home the day I was praying with Gabriel.  We spoke briefly and she mentioned she came home with 3500 images to process and would be busy working on that project.

Back to Gabriel’s message… all of the concerns still weighed on my mind the next morning.  Gabriel said “No matter the darkness that surrounds us, the Light will always prevail.  Understand what is happening, but dwell in the Light”.  Then he let me know that my cousin would have a photograph related to this message.

I called her, explained the prayer experience, the message and added that Gabriel always presents in a light blue, so I expect there may be some evidence of him in the photo.

10 minutes later, she emailed me the photo you see in the image… saying “You mean this one”?  I was stunned… she had 3500 images, but knew which photo to show me.  What was amazing is that she took the picture from the vantage point of being a passenger in a moving car.  There are no enhancements to the image.  The sun was illuminating the snowy mountaintop and there was Gabriel… in those beautiful pale blue rays.

Since that time, Gabriel asked me to share the message in March of 2020 … and here we are again… in January of 2021 and he has asked me to once again relay the story, as the message is so appropriate for what we watch unfold right now.  Gabriel’s original message was “No matter the darkness that surrounds us, the Light will always prevail. Understand what is happening, but dwell in the Light”.  Today he adds “Have faith in the Light… draw on the strength and connection within your heart.  Remember… battles should be fought from a place of Love.”  

A Guided Meditation video was created and is on the PPR YouTube channel.  You can use the following link  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Q9lI7UEWtM&t=20s or simply to to YouTube.com and search on Patricia Parente Reiki.  You will find the video in the recent Uploads section and the Angel Messages section. 

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