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May 30, 2022, was the third day of Daily Intentions related to mankind 'creating peace' in our lives.  This was the message from the Angelic Realm:
"Know that you are not alone in your sadness and confusion.  Let us hold your pain... the burden you carry... the emotional wound that is slow to heal.  See beyond the pain, the fear and the imagined walls of protection (around your heart).  Let us provide relief, if only for a moment, to help you find Peace Within.  Let us help you Create Peace."

In addition to the beautiful Intentions for May 3rd - Grace of Forgiveness, Light of Love, Love's Devotion to Healing - AA Metatron provided a powerful message:

"Reach the troubled mind by speaking to the Heart!"  

Let us all remember this in our interactions with each other!

March 14, 2022, AA Chamuel provided the intentions to charge the Twelve Aspects of Deity Crystal Grid.  They were: Divine Light, Renewal and Recognition of the True Self.

Amidst all the turmoil in the world today, his message was comforting:
"Love will prevail."

He suggested a meditation for today be on the 4th Ray of White - Purity, Hope and Restoration.

January 17, 2022, AA Ariel provided the intention to charge the Twelve Aspects of Deity Crystal Grid.  It was simply The Heavenly Light of Love!

This was followed by the message: "Love's choice is Joy!  There is Joy in all things if you seek it.  Joy in understanding, the Joy in a Welcoming Heart.  Choosing Love is to choose Joy."

The Twelve Aspects of Deity Crystal Grid is charged daily with Divine Intentions to support the spiritual growth of Humanity.  Today, October 3, 2021, the Violet Flame Angels provided the intentions and a message.

The Grid was charged with the Recognition that as we walk in the Illumination of the Light & Love of God, we Transform.

Every moment, and all around us, benefits from our Willingness to be the Full Expression of our Divine Self.  Today, may you walk in the Illumination of the Self to manifest all that is possible.  Meditation: The 12th Ray – Opal – Transformation and Transfiguration  The Twelve Aspects of Deity Grid

The Twelve Aspects of Deity Crystal Grid is charged daily with Divine Intentions to support the spiritual growth of Humanity.  Today, August 29, 2021, AA Michael provided the intentions: the Divine Will of God, the Peacemaker in All, the Spirit of Forgiveness, and the Joyous Victory of the Heart!
All are invited to welcome these intentions into your Heart.  To learn more about the creation of this grid and enjoy a meditation on The Twelve Aspects, use this link to the video on our YouTube channel.  The Twelve Aspects of Deity Crystal Grid

11-23-17 Gratitude






You are the Grace and Gratitude that you hold in your Heart!

11-11-17 Observance

The number 11 is known to hold angelic vibration (energy) and in Numerology it is viewed as one of the Master Numbers (the other is 22).  Amplifying the number to “11 11” in reference to either the time or the date is said among other things, to be a sign of Angels.  As a day, it also holds the potential for spiritual awakening and enlightenment.  An expression of gratitude when noticing that time is a wonderful gesture.  If it is the date, then it is not only a day to stay in feelings of gratitude, but a day to ask for guidance, which helps us know the path that will bring us into alignment.

On 11-11-17, Pat participated in and/or conducted three ceremonies appropriate to the day.  At 11:11 AM, a service for Humanity; at 1:11 PM, a service for the Earth and ‘Natures Angels’; and at 4:11 PM, a service for the Animal Kingdom.  Below are brief descriptions, observations and pictures from each event.  Why is this posted on the Angel Messages page?  Because they were quite instrumental in each ceremony and they were very present!

11:11 AM (with fellow Lightworker Debbie Owens)

A lovely morning ceremony for  Humanity was conducted on this bridge.  It included an acknowledgement of the Twelve  Solar Aspects of Deity (Will,  Wisdom, Love, Ascension, Truth,  Grace, Forgiveness, Clarity,  Harmony, Peace, Purpose and  Transformation) and prayers for  Humanity.

There were so many beautiful moments at this location.  Photos are from the site of the ceremony: The Van Wickle House property and D&R Canal, Somerset, NJ.






Post ceremony photo of the Beams of Light!





Another post ceremony photo!

1:11 PM

This early afternoon ceremony, which included prayers for the Earth and Nature’s elementals  was conducted in an open area in the Perennial Garden at   Colonial Park, Somerset, NJ.  I   left this ceremony filled with a   sense of peace.  Photos are from the ceremony site and other locations in the Garden.










4:11 PM

The last ceremony of the day was conducted for the Animal Kingdom. It was also the most  breathtaking!  Life at the lake in  Colonial Park was very evident.    Seeing the animals that reside there and those that ‘visited’  (their timing was incredible!)  made this ceremony so special!

Additional photos below are from the site of the ceremony.






Loving Words

10-09-17: The following message was the response to my pondering 'how do you find the right words so there is understanding (not resentment) on the part of the listener?'

"True Love is not a show or display... it simply is.  Dwell in what is.  (If coming from) the pure heart, all will be right."



Capture Each Moment


Rushing... trying to fit too much in one day... we all do it.  I was feeling rushed for days and another day was starting with that same feeling. The Angels reminded me that "each moment was precious" and I "miss the beauty by not being present for each moment".  A few minutes later I was guided to bring my camera into the healing space and just start taking pictures... I was to "capture one magnificent moment to the next".











September 2017: Dwell in the Light

From AA Gabriel the evening of 9-22-17:
In a moment of need, the AA Gabriel rushed to my side.  He said, "I will pray (for peace) with you."

From the AA Gabriel the morning of 9-23-17:

"No matter the darkness that surrounds us, the Light will always prevail. Understand what is happening, but dwell in the Light."


From AA Gabriel 9-27-17:
"Surrender to (Divine) guidance with no fear."
"You (humanity) must look inside; the healing of the world starts with you."

From AAs Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel 9-29-17:

   "Today we celebrate you!"

February 2017: It's time to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone!


The Angels were very clear in their words and the meaning behind them. The desire, the idea ... the dream that you hold, but don't embrace into action ... it's time to put aside what holds you back and explore what your heart is calling you to do!

The following is a poem by Danna Faulds that I read for the Practitioners at the beginning of every Reiki II class.  It speaks to the Angels' message.

White Dove poem by Danna Faulds

In the shared quiet, an invitation arises like a white dove lifting from a limb and taking flight.
Come and live in truth.
Take your place in the flow of grace.
Draw aside the veil you thought would always separate your heart from love.
All you ever longed for is before you in this moment if you dare to draw in a breath and whisper “Yes.”

November 8, 2016

The group distance session that was announced on November 1st was conducted last evening! It included many beautiful and love-filled intentions submitted by clients, students and friends.

There was one message from the Angels...BALANCE... not always easy to find from our perspective...or to maintain, but in the photos below, nature shows us it is possible despite what our eyes see!

I'd like to share with you a number of the intentions offered.

"My intention is that it will be another window of opportunity to 'Let in the Divine Light' that will move us forward through our every thought, word and deed, for the Highest Good of our country and our Mother Earth." J.P.

"For the continuing evolvement to be as joy-filled, ease-filled, and love-filled...for PEACE to prevail to all no matter the situation." C.A.

"My intention is that we as the world now live in the reality that Love is all there is. To set the intention that we acutely know we are never alone and incredibly loved... so that no one will feel alone or lonely anymore." D.R.

"My intention for the session is to ask for people to feel grateful for the blessings that they have received or have witnessed." K.G.

"...continuing clarity, increasing love and freely helping all..." S.T.

"My intentions are for peace in our nation - political parties working together - our country to get back on its feet (financially and citizens coming together) - for great things to come for our country and its people!" K.M.

" reach people and help them find peace, health and guidance on their spiritual journey.  And I would like our nation to find peace..." D.F.

"My intention is for guidance and love..." J.Q.

"My intentions for our country and the world is for all of us to actively connect to the awareness and practice that we are all one; that we experience abundant prosperity for all." D.R.

"I look forward to joining in (to the distance session) and sending positive intentions forward for our nation and its citizens; that we can come together for peace and love for a positive change." S.S.

"For the craziness to stop in the world, no more war, violence or killing." G.C.

"That the world continues to evolve in wisdom." M.V.M.

"That everyone will feel as loved and cared for as I do, every minute of every day." P.P.

Numerous personal intentions were also submitted for the session.

As we did last night, and will do every day... sending you much love!

balance-rock  balance-slanted-rock

Let Your Light Dance Today!




Prosperity… it comes in many forms…
What does it mean to you?


butterfly-4  Give Love... Gather Love!


The point of power is in the present moment; right here and right now."
Louise L. Hay

We choose our thoughts... how will you design your day?

October 31, 2016: Intentions

On the morning of October 31st during meditation and conversation with the Angels, they offered a solution to the turmoil that we all seem to be feeling this year - their suggestion was that the group distance Reiki session for clients and students that I typically conduct on holidays should be conducted next Tuesday evening (November 8th) starting at 8:00 PM. I was thrilled at the thought of being occupied with such a lovely task, especially since it would keep me away from the TV for a good part of the evening. As the conversation progressed, it was decided I would ask you all for your (non-partisan) intentions for everyone in the country... peace... health... whatever is in your heart. I will include these intentions in the session. Also, if you would like to spend even a few minutes connecting to the session from where you are next Tuesday evening, simply find a quiet space, close your eyes and bring your awareness to your heart center.

There are two housekeeping items.  Please note the following:

  1. Everyone reading this may have their intention included in the session. Simply contact me by 7:45 PM, Tuesday, November 8th via email at, letting me know your intention.
  2. I cannot send Reiki to anyone who is not a client or student without their permission. If you would like to be included to receive Reiki, please contact me sooner than later to provide that permission.

I will share with you that I feel such a sense of relief and I hope you will too! I look forward to hearing from you!

September 30, 2016: The Unexpected Gift

We've all experienced it... the time when something incredible happens and we know that had there been the slightest change in events or decisions, we would not have experienced the moment.  I feel certain that my grandson and I met an Angel this week, and in an unlikely place.

Earlier this week, my daughter asked me if I could bring Brandon for a haircut after school, as my Son-in-Law wouldn't be home in time and school pictures were the next day.  Not one to miss an opportunity to be with them, the day's schedule was altered and I drove to their home.  Jacki messaged me during the trip, but after a time when I didn't respond, she called with the news that while all the kids were waiting to see me, Len was home and could take Brandon.  Also, the Barber Shop they intended to use was closed, so it would be another barber a bit farther away.  Arriving at their home, we decided I would still take him and was given the directions to the shop, which apparently was not easy to find.

We found the Barber Shop located in the back of a mall; there were no other store fronts in that part of the building.  While waiting, I joined in a conversation with the barber and another customer whose son was getting his hair cut.  I mentioned meditation and the barber relayed a wonderful story about a school replacing punishment with meditation and the results were astonishing.  During this conversation another (older) barber walked in the door, brought his packages to the back of the shop and came back out to cut Brandon's hair.  Shortly, the other child's haircut was finished and within minutes of each other, the father and son, then the other barber left the shop.

Moments later, the barber mentioned that he heard us talking about meditation when he came in.  He tells Brandon and I the story of how a very long time ago, he was befriended by someone from a (wellness center) who introduced him to meditation.  He quickly connected to the practice, and after a time, amazing things began to happen.  Suddenly he put the scissors down, went to the back of the shop, and returned with what appeared to be an old hardcover book.  Handing it to me, he told me it was ok to look inside.  As I sat initially just holding the book, a feeling of peacefulness came over me; the edges were frayed and worn, but I knew that this was something very special he was willing to share with us.  I was stunned by what I read on the pages, beautiful handwritten poem, after beautiful poem!  I began reading them aloud to Brandon, explaining to him that these were poems to God; Brandon loved each one.  The barber then explained that when he meditates the words just flow from him and he writes on whatever is handy.  That was why there were many slips of paper tucked within the journal.  I asked if he ever thought of publishing them; no, he replied, they were for his children to have when he is gone.  As I continued to read, he spoke to Brandon of how he learned that even though people don't always understand some of these things he talks to them about, it is very important that he, that we all, be true to who we are; meditation helped him connect to that.

I continued to read through the journal.  Throughout there were drawings by his daughter when she was young and she also wrote sweet notes to her Dad.  In between his conversation with Brandon, I'd stand by them and read the poems, as if they were a guided meditation; the barber was moved hearing them that way.  At that point I asked if I could share some of them in the Reiki practice and was thrilled when he said yes; the only condition was that I not use his name.  Honoring that, I can't share the synchronicity of his name, but there is one!

Not all the poems were titled...

Put me in touch with my heart
In touch with the love
Help me feel You in everything
You're my goal to feel that love all the time
Like cool air all around me
Like clouds that move
You're that love
That feeling, that thought of everlasting peace
That's always in our hearts and will always be
Things around us change
But one thing never will
Like the wind that blows the clouds.


On a day that at any point could have been different, Brandon and I met a complete stranger who shared his deepest feelings with us - his poems to God.  We walked into a Barber Shop expecting just a haircut... and we left with a gift.

The Gift
To be able to see,
to hear,
to feel,
to smell,
to breathe,
to reason,
to talk,
to cry,
to love.
Without it, none of this is possible.