Share your experiences with AA Gabriel!  

This page is dedicated to the Archangel Gabriel, who in November of 2021, asked to be called the “Angel of the Heart”.  Such a perfect reference!  For as long as we have communicated, he speaks directly to the Heart and I have frequently described his energy as ‘feeling like a melody playing across my Heart’!

Email us with the details of your experience with AA Gabriel and we will share it in this space of Love!  reachus@patriciaparentereiki.com

We hope you will enjoy these inspiring messages.



June 7 – AA Gabriel’s message for the Daily Intentions:
“Gabriel’s hope for Humanity is for us to find Peace Within, that our experiences bring Joyful Anticipation, and that we live from the space of a Generous Heart.”

May 25 – AA Gabriel provided these intentions and message:
Love’s Endless Stream, Miracles of the Heart
“Eyes of Love recognize Life’s Treasures.”

May 23 – AA Gabriel provided these intentions and message:
Joy of a New Day, Quiet Reflection, Peace Within
“Make life a series of Expressions of Love.”

May 22 – AA Gabriel provided these intentions and message:
Divine Light, Divine Love, Balance Within!
“Embrace the Collective Heart.”

May 6 – AA Gabriel provided beautiful communication skills in the Daily Intentions:
“Listen with a Patient Heart; Respond from a Caring Heart; Act in Service to Love.”

March 30 – Today AA Gabriel set the intentions and asked us to maintain:
“A Hope-filled Heart – A Love-filled Heart – A Peace-filled Heart”

March 29 – Today Gabriel set the intentions of Faith, Community and (fan) the flames of Love.
He also provided this thoughtful message:
“Love is the root by which the tree grows.  Explore the landscape of the Heart.”

February 19 – Intentions: Divine Love & Light, Strength of Faith, Belief in Love

February 14 – Today Gabriel requested that 3 acts of Kindness be done today.  Noting that forgiveness is included as an ‘act of Kindness’.

January 25 – Gabriel’s Intentions for us: Power of Love, to Calm, to Heal, to Inspire.
“There is One Truth… Love.  Notice Love today.  Be Love today.”

“The Courage to Change has its roots in the ability to Trust in Self, Trust in God and the Universe.”


November 16 – AA Gabriel’s intentions for Grid: Divine Love and Light, Glow of the Heart, Balance, Compassionate Observation

“In the effort to help another / others, don’t ignore the importance of your own life.”

October 5 – Trust in God, Trust in Love, Trust in Self.  A willing and Open Heart.  The Security that Faith Brings.  Love above all else.