“Violet Flame was born out of creation as a means to transmute lower energies that do not support the vision of creation.  The vision of creation being Expressions of Love.”  Saint Germain

Who is Master Saint Germain?

We typically refer to him as one of the Ascended Masters, although this group has requested they now be referred to as the Brothers and Sisters of the Light.  They became enlightened during one of their lifetimes, but choose to continue to serve Humanity while in the spiritual plane.  They have the ability to come and go from this plane.

Saint Germain’s areas of expertise are Alchemy, Unconditional Love, Prophecy, and since the early 1950’s, he bears responsibility for the Violet Flame energies.  Previously, Buddha was the keeper of the Violet Flame on Earth.  It was passed along to Kwan Yin until it was then passed on to Saint Germain.

Messages from Master Saint Germain:

I began receiving communications from Saint Germain in 2018.  When preparing for a Healing Circle in 2020 in honor of his Ascension Day (May 1st), I requested information that I could share with the participants in that Circle.  He has since asked me to share the information openly.  The “conversations” and messages that follow are in the order received; each one is a gift for us!  At this same time, he also began to provide me with the protocol for a new healing modality Violet Flame Energy of the Heart

04-26-20 St G: “Violet Flame was born out of creation as a means to transmute lower energies that do not support the vision of creation.  The vision of creation being expressions of Love.  We (Humanity) are each responsible in some measure for what we see (happening) – we each affect the whole.”  04-27-20 St G: “We (humanity) are so accustomed to living in a state of conflict that it is difficult to imagine a state of bliss beyond a fleeting moment.  In your human experience with so many creators, you have chaos – one’s own intentions become so important that you lose sight of living in harmony.  The message is simple, as it has always been.  (He then pointed me to things I have read/heard before all echoing this idea of ‘oneness’.)  (He then further explained how our thoughts can add to the chaos.)  It is in the freedom of telepathic communication with (others) that you (humanity) can realize the impact of negative thought – its immediacy – your choice would become the alternative – which is bliss.”  04-28-20 PP: What aspect of you should we embrace to be in service?  St G: “Truth”  PP: Truth is an elusive term here (at this time).  St G: “There is one truth – Love.”  PP: And the Violet Flame in relation to that?  St G: “Is a tool in clearing what is less than Love.”  PP: How do we apply that?  To put it into action?  St G: “Imagine letting go of anger, worry, fear, self-concern, and then embracing all Humanity.”  04-30-20  PP: If we see a fire, don’t we need to call the Fire Department to save lives?  St G: “On that level of cause, of course.  The other bickering is petty and  unnecessary.  Again, it affects the whole. Judgement is important.”  05-01-20  PP: How can we ease the grief process?  St G: “That (grief) is what you see acting out in all forms.”  (He proceeded to show me images of angry protests, pain from loss, fear in someone’s face, confusion.)  “They are grieving what they knew.”  PP: I started to think ‘My fear is…’ and he cut me off in mid thought.  St G: “That only adds to the fear on the planet.”  07-26-21  Today it was St. Germain who provided the intentions to charge the Twelve Aspects of Deity Crystal Grid.  (This Grid is documented in a video on my YouTube channel in the Crystals & Crystal Gridding section on the home page.)  He has asked that they be shared.  The Grid was charged with “Love, the Light of God, Freedom, Suspension of Time, Creativity and Heart Based Partnership”.  08-05-21  On a daily basis I charge the Twelve Aspects of Deity crystal grid with intentions for the collective.  Today, the intentions were once again provided by Master St. Germain.  They were: “Love – the Light and Will of God, Heartfelt Purpose, Generosity, Vision, Beauty, and Freedom”.  He asked that they be shared.  Following is the link to the video documenting the the creation and development of the crystal grid:  Twelve Aspects of Deity Grid

08-30-21  The intentions for the Twelve Aspects of Deity Grid provided by Master St. Germain: “the Alchemy of Love, the Power of Faith and the Light of God Over All.  He suggests we meditate of the 4th Ray of White this day – for the Divine Qualities of Purity, Hope and Restoration”.  Twelve Aspects of Deity Grid

09-26-21  The intentions for the Twelve Aspects of Deity Grid provided by Master St. Germain:  “the Alchemy of Peace and a Pure Heart”.  Message for the day: “Surrender to Love’s call.”  12-01-21  As we enter the ’12’ month, which represents growth, balance and service, Master St. Germain set the intentions for the day as: The Alchemy of Love – Harmony, Peace and Freedom.  His message was to “Seek a joyous reunion with the Heart.”  The recommended meditation was on the 7th Violet Ray, as you surround yourself with Violet Light.  01-01-22  “A Peaceful shift in Spirit requires and Open heart.  Welcome the New Year!”  The Angelic Hierarchy added the intentions for the New Year: “Awakened Perspective, Glorious Adventure, and Love’s Focus.”  01-14-22  Master St. Germain and the Angel Gadiel provided today’s intentions for the Twelve Aspects of Deity crystal grid (which was redesigned early this month for the New Year).  The intentions: The Alchemy of Love, A Kind Heart, Respect for Self, Love’s Perspective, Faith in Love’s Guidance.  In addition, the following messages were provided: “Choose Love over fear.” “The Heart-Light is a Beacon of Truth.”  06-09-22  In the wake of continued unspeakable gun violence, St. Germain provided the following intentions: “Provide the children Stability, Comfort and Guide from the Heart.  Surround the children in Love.  They will lead you.”

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