POLICIES of Patricia Parente Reiki updated and effective March 2024

No personal information about any client will be discussed or shared with any third party without written consent of the client or parent/guardian if the client is under 18 years of age.

Email addresses and names are housed in a third party software to allow Patricia Parente Reiki to comply with Federal law regarding marketing, while delivering information about services and events to clients, students and others on the PPR mailing lists.


Honoring Patricia Parente Reiki’s commitment to you, current health advisories and higher guidance, offerings will be conducted in person or remotely on a case-by-case basisFor in-person sessions/classes/workshops, factors such as, recent travel, exposure to Covid, feeling ill prior to or on the day of appointment/attendance, etc. could limit the opportunity to participate in person.  We will follow these guidelines:

In-Person Guidelines:
You should NOT attend in-person if…
*you have any active symptoms of illness regardless of the other examples,
*you have just returned from travel that had you with a large number of people, *you have just attended a large gathering,
*you have just been exposed to Covid or another contagious virus.
If any of the above applies, Zoom will be your option for attendance. 

Based on health advisories, masks and/or days of negative rapid Covid tests may be required for indoor or outdoor events at the sole discretion of Patricia Parente Reiki.

To accommodate all who wish to participate, Sessions, Healing Circles, Workshops, Classes and Special Events have been tailored to a virtual experience, should in-person attendance not be an option for a participant.  Clients and students have enjoyed the virtual experience, and this will remain an option for all offerings.

This is our current policy.  At such time that it is determined that safety can be assured with fewer restrictions, this policy will be revised.  Thank you for your understanding and consideration of others!
Contact Pat with any questions 908-331-1847 or reachus@patriciaparentereiki.com.


It is the intention of Patricia Parente Reiki to provide a safe, nurturing, and enlightening experience for all students in all levels of study.  Information shared by students in class is confidential; this is explained at the start of each class.  Students are encouraged to be open minded, as well as mindful of their own feelings and beliefs.

Basic information regarding each level of study, including prerequisites, general outline of material covered, length of class, class size, materials needed/included and cost of class are detailed on the patriciaparentereiki.com website.

The following are policies specific to various aspects of the education process:

  • Registration – Students register for class by contacting Patricia Parente Reiki via email or phone, as provided on the website and/or Reiki Membership sites.  Often students will be referred by other students and/or clients.  Based on their interest in a level of study, each student will receive guidance as to how to proceed and the next scheduled class that fits their needs. If a Reiki class, the approved Student Manual for Usui Tibetan Reiki is needed by the student; arrangements will be made for an exchange of the Manual and preliminary pre-class preparation instructions.  The deposit accepted at this time from the student is $45.00.  Payment in full is expected prior to the start of the class, including on the first day of class.  Magnified Healing Workshops require payment in full prior to the ordering of manuals and official certificates.  Other modalities, such as Violet Flame Energy of the Heart® require payment in full prior to the electronic delivery of the manual.  Registrations for a class are generally accepted up to five (5) days prior to the start of class; however, exceptions can be made on a case by case basis.
  • Cancellations – Classes are scheduled based on each student’s input regarding their availability; therefore, it is expected that the class will begin on the scheduled date.  It is understood that unforeseen urgent circumstances occur and every effort is made to accommodate all students.  When possible the class will be re-scheduled or the student that is unable to attend will participate in the next class to be scheduled.
  • Refunds – Based on the circumstances surrounding the request for a refund, consideration will be given to any student’s request.  Following are examples:
    a. Refund requested prior to first day of class – if request is received within 3 days of class, all monies will be refunded when materials provided to student are returned or if electronic, have not yet been received.
    b. Refund requested after day one of class – reasons for the request are considered on a case by case basis.  If granted, manual and materials must be returned and refund is pro-rated based on the student having received instruction for one of the two days.


Results of energy therapies vary by individual.  Energy therapies do not take the place of medical care.  It is recommended that clients see a licensed physician or licensed health care professional for any physical or psychological ailment they may have.  Energy healing techniques should be used as a compliment to medical or psychological care.  Patricia Parente Reiki does not diagnose conditions nor prescribe or perform medical treatment, prescribe substances, nor interfere with the treatment client is receiving from a licensed medical professional.

The White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy issued in March 2000, classifies Reiki as an Energy Therapy.  To view the final report: https://govinfo.library.unt.edu/whccamp/


Reiki (90 min session, incl. consult) In Person – $130.00

Reiki (90 min session, including consult) Distance – $115.00

Reiki (45 min session, incl. consult) Distance – $55.00

Violet Flame EOTH® (90 min session, incl. consult) In Person – $130.00

Violet Flame EOTH® (90 min session, incl. consult) Distance – $115.00

Violet Flame EOTH® (45 min session, incl. consult) Distance – $55.00

Aura / Chakra Clearing (90 min session, incl. consult) In Person – $130.00

Aura / Chakra Clearing (90 min session, incl. consult) Distance – $115.00

Aura / Chakra Clearing (45 min session, incl. consult) Distance – $55.00

Magnified Healing® (50 min Phase 1 session, incl. consult) In Person – $75.00

Magnified Healing® (60 min w/Light Healing, incl. consult) In Person – $90.00

Magnified Healing® (35 min limited session, incl. consult) Distance – $50.00

Vogel Crystal Session (90 min, including any portion of Reiki and consult) In Person – $130.00

Crystal Chakra Balancing Session (45 min, including consult) In Person – $65.00

Crystal Healing Session (90 min, including consult) In Person – $130.00

Meditation Individual Session (45 min, including consult) – $55.00

Three Session Packages available!  In Person/Distance/90 min/45 min

Six Session Packages available for Violet Flame Energy of the Heart® Integrated Treatment Structure!

PPR Student Rates available in the modality(s) you studied!

Gift Certificates!  Available for a specific service or in any amount.