Other Services offered by Patricia Parente Reiki

Healing Circles – It is not necessary to be a Practitioner or to have previously received energy therapy work to attend a Healing Circle. You will enjoy a Guided Meditation and experience soothing energy from Reiki, Magnified Healing®, Violet Flame Energy of the Heart® or Ancestral Healing.  Read more


Meditation – We all understand the many benefits of meditation, but what I hear over and over is that clients and students find it nearly impossible to establish a regular meditation practice.  Whether you are venturing into meditation for the first time or enjoying an established meditation routine, Guided Meditation provides many benefits. Individual and group sessions are available.  Read more


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Reiki Sessions and Classes – Reiki is a gentle energy therapy, promoting stress reduction and relaxation, which allows the body’s natural healing ability to function properly.   Click here to learn more Reiki


Crystal Healing Techniques – Vogel and Crystal Healing use Nature’s crystals to balance and harmonize resonance.  The recipient uses intention, breath and guided visualization during sessions.  Click here to learn more Crystal Healing


Ancestral Healing is a symbolic, outdoor healing ceremony that will help you to feel a closeness in heart with your loved one, as you Love and Honor, as well as Extend Forgiveness.   Click here to learn more Ancestral Healing


Magnified Healing® is focused on the spiritual advancement of Humanity and the Earth.  Recipient is actively involved through breath and sound.  Click here to learn more Magnified Healing


Workshops – Chakras, Energy Healing, Highly Sensitive Persons and much more!  Click here to learn more Workshops