“A great light, the great Love, is in everyone’s heart.”

Such a beautiful statement by the Archangels!  Allow yourself to experience the alchemy of the Violet Flame and the Energy of the Heart!  The Violet Flame is a healing energy born of creation whereby non-supporting energy is ‘transmuted’ to a higher vibration energy.  Recipients of this healing energy aspire to move forward in their Spiritual Development and Divine Connection to release all that does not support them on their path.

The format of the Sessions includes a short guided meditation, viewing the beautiful symbols, and additional protocols for the 12 Chakra System and the Dan Tien fields.  In sessions 2 thru 6 of the Integrated Treatment Structure, the client actively participates in the meditations, healing prayers and affirmations.  The Practitioner works above the recipient who is resting comfortably.  Guidance that may be received for the client is relayed during the consultation following the session.

Violet Flame Energy of the Heart®
Integrated Treatment Structure

Session 1: Foundation – Establish connection to your Heart energy and the Violet Flame.
Session 2: Healing the Past – Release the beliefs and stories that hold you back.
Session 3: Empowerment – Release self-doubt; embrace your personal power.
Session 4: Inner Wisdom – Recognize the Divine Partnership within.
Session 5: Creativity – Embrace and Reveal your Creative Gifts.
Session 6: Vision – View your Path and your Purpose.

Sessions are conducted in-person or distance, 45 or 90 minutes in length, including a post treatment consultation to review the guidance received for the client.

During a session you will be fully clothed (with shoes removed) while you lie on a comfortable table.  The body is not touched during a session, as we work in the energy fields above the body.  Each session of the Integrated Treatment Structure begins with a brief guided meditation and offers a specific healing focus, as described above.  In sessions 2 thru 6, the client is actively participating in a portion of the session by speaking guided intentions and affirmations.

While sessions are taken in order, sessions may be repeated as needed and there is no requirement to receive all six sessions.

The recipient’s intention, beliefs, and openness during a session dictate the experience.

Contact Patricia with any questions regarding session scheduling or classes.  See Testimonials below.


  • Violet Flame EOTH® (90 min session, including consult) In Person – $130.00
  • Violet Flame EOTH® (90 min session, including consult) Distance – $115.00
  • Violet Flame EOTH® (45 min session, including consult) Distance – $55.00
  • PPR Student Rates available for students who studied this modality.
  • Integrated Treatment Structure Package available!  In Person/Distance/90 min/45 min

Gift Certificates!  Available for a specific service or in any amount.


For the Foundation Session:

“Now that I have processed some of what occurred in my Violet Flame EOTH® session, I feel lighter.  Having non-supporting energy released through this method is different, as it goes deeper.  I sense the energy releases and transmutes it, so the same non-supporting energy can’t reattach.  This is a powerful tool that helped me to make a re-connection to who I am and why I’m here.” SS from NJ

“I highly recommend a Violet Flame EOTH® session with Pat, for anyone ready to let go blocks, ready to awaken their Spirit, ready to expand their High Heart and embrace the power of their Divine Essence. I felt the power of this session physically in my body, even through zoom. And the images I was shown were confirmed by Pat, as she offered even more details and commentary to add to the visual messages I received. I feel more aligned, lighter in Spirit, more Peace and more forgiveness towards my past. Again, Pat is a gifted healer and of true service. I fully trust Pat’s healing and guidance, which I don’t do lightly!” DR from NJ

For the Healing the Past Session:

“The first thing that I noticed was how loved and supported I feel as I process (the session).  From the beginning of the session to as I type these words I feel AA Gabriel and AA Metatron with me at the ready to help me understand and heal.  Starting with the Foundation and then the progression of Healing the Past is powerful yet gentle while working with my heart and mind in unison.  In the past, working on healing the past has felt heavy but Healing the Past with Violet Flame Energy of The Heart® feels peaceful.  During my session, I could see petals of a pink flower opening.  I could feel myself going deeper within to understand, accept the past and let it go so that I could move forward.  Good and bad things happen in our lives so that we may learn and are able to help ourselves and others.  When we hold on to the past it can prevent us from living and enjoying the present.  I am so blessed to be learning and incorporating this beautiful modality in my life and my spiritual journey, thank you Pat for teaching us.” SS from NJ

Policy Statement Regarding In Person Sessions/Attendance: To view this, all Patricia Parente Reiki Policies and a Summary of Session Fees, use this link to the page: POLICIES.

Contact Pat with any questions 908-331-1847 or reachus@patriciaparentereiki.com.

NOTE: Results vary by individual.  Violet Flame energy therapy does not take the place of medical care.  It is recommended that clients see a licensed physician or licensed health care professional for any physical or psychological ailment they may have.  Energy healing techniques should be used as a compliment to medical or psychological care.  Patricia Parente Reiki does not diagnose conditions nor prescribe or perform medical treatment, prescribe substances, nor interfere with the treatment client is receiving from a licensed medical professional.